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Australia’s eBay Smart Shoppers seek the thrill of the hunt

A new consumer trend shows Australian shoppers have evolved over the past decade from a nation of gatherers into shrewd hunters. The trend, identified by leading social researcher Neer Korn, highlights the strong and growing appeal of online shopping as a means of securing the best deal possible.

The trend is being driven by a large proportion of Australian consumers who have lost trust in big business and are becoming extremely savvy to the ways of marketers, retailers and advertisers. As a result, Australians are now seeking ways to get something for less, beat the traditional retail system and stay one step ahead.

According to Korn, gone are the days where consumers will simply accept claims, terms and prices that are dictated to them by the big retail outlets. Smart Shoppers are taking back control, doing things for themselves and enjoying it in the process. They are increasingly moving online in an attempt to cut out the middleman and go straight to the source to get a better deal.

"Smart Shoppers are becoming increasingly self-reliant. They are also seeking advice from each other more than ever before," says Korn. "Shopping online is the perfect DIY tool because it allows them to effectively hunt down the best deal."

But the ‘best deal’ for Smart Shoppers is not just about saving money, it’s the emotional reward they are looking for – the satisfaction of getting a ‘fair’ deal and not being ripped off by big business.

"The Smart Shopper trend shows we crave the emotional satisfaction that comes from beating the system – it’s all about the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of using your smarts to get a bargain," says Korn.

"When people speak about eBay Australia for example, they express strong emotion and excitement at having won the item. Whether the amount involved was significant or not, it’s the sense of achievement when they ‘win’ that matters."

"eBay Australia is the perfect tool for Smart Shoppers," says Daniel Feiler, spokesperson for eBay. "The five million Australian eBay members connect directly with each other to cut out the middleman and hunt for great value across 100 million listings in 50,000 categories worldwide. eBay has evolved hand-in-hand with Smart Shoppers into a mainstream shopping destination with a unique selling point - excitement."

Feiler believes that eBay’s feedback system, the world’s largest neighbourhood watch program, creates trust and confidence among members. "The global eBay community has left more than six billion feedback comments for each other regarding their transactions. This gives them the satisfaction and confidence of trading on their own terms to get a fair deal – exactly what today’s hunter wants."

"This is a trend that will continue to grow," concludes Korn. "The excitement of using your smarts to beat the system is a powerful motivator and we’ll see this behaviour increase among shoppers…particularly those shopping online."



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